afterglow to Release 5 Aorta Titles to Benefit BIPOC-AIC

AUSTIN — Women and couples erotica and lifestyle brand afterglow has announced a special licensing/streaming agreement with queer cinema studio Aorta Films to help support and raise funds for the BIPOC Adult Industry Collective (BIPOC-AIC).

The platform is set to release a selected group of Aorta titles today —“Femme4Femme4Femme,” “Hole Theory,” “Jawbreaker,” “Soaked” and “Orgy #001” — with 20% of this week’s subscription revenue — through Saturday, August 14) — going to benefit the Los Angeles-based nonprofit aid and advocacy group.

CEO and founder Lilly Sparks said, “We are fans of Aorta’s experimental and strikingly independent films, and this creative launch is simply our way of acknowledging these amazing creators.”

“We appreciate the work that BIPOC-AIC has done so far in such a short period of time, and are happy to support them in the fight against racism, inequality and sexual violence in this business,” Sparks added.

For more information, visit and and follow afterglow and BIPOC-AIC on Twitter.

Main Image: “Hole Theory”

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