Aila Donovan, Quinton James Are ‘Toxic’ for Sweet Sinner

MONTREAL — Aila Donovan and Quinton James topline the “new, fiery” feature “Toxic” from Sweet Sinner and writer-director Jacky St. James, now available on all platforms.

Costars include Ryan Mclane, Crystal Taylor and Victoria Voxxx.

The story follows Hope and Alex, who have “one of those relationships they tell stories about — horror stories. While they may have the most intensely passionate sex life of anyone, they also have a volatility that makes a roller-coaster look like a carousel,” noted a rep. “Their ups-and-downs are so intense that Hope spends a lot of time trying to make heads or tails of their relationship with the help of her two friends, but when the possibility for an open relationship enters the picture things will either tear the young couple apart or push them closer together.”

St. James based the script on conversations with her leads.

“Aila and Quinton are so talented as actors, and this script gave them the opportunity to shine as they brought the characters’ explosive relationship to life,” she said. “The story is about Aila’s character and how she comes to terms with what she would rather be: complacent but happy or have great sex and feel miserable all the time. The viewer is taken on this sexually volatile journey with her.”

“I couldn’t be more thankful of the entire cast and crew that made this project what it is,” she added. “I’m excited to see what fans and critics think.”

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Jacky St. James recently spoke exclusively to XBIZ about the making of “Toxic”; read that story here.

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