Alexander ‘Monstar’ Raymond Unveils Kickstarter Campaign for ‘Femonsters’ Comic

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Alexander “Monstar” Raymond has announced a Kickstarter campaign for his “Rise of the Femonsters” comic book launches on August 1.

Created by Raymond, the comic book is described as featuring “the world’s greatest monsters at war with each other over mysterious relics known as the Life Creator and the Death Breaker, which can unlock the secrets of resurrection.”

The title’s inspirations include Hammer Films and 1970s Marvel horror magazines. Characters introduced in the first issue are Countess Dracula, Lady Frankenstein, Madame Beastress, The Banshee, The Queen Of Blood, Mistress Hyde and Doctor Knowhere.

“Rise of the Femonsters,” Raymond said, is “a series that horror and comic books fans will enjoy. The story has exciting elements like action and adventure, set in a dark and sinister setting. The Kickstarter campaign starts it all off with some fun pledge levels and incredible incentive rewards.”

“Rise of the Femonsters” is the inaugural title from the Monstar Horror Universe imprint. The line will focus on a world of super-powered monsters. Intended future titles include “Countess Dracula vs. The Brides of Blood” and “The Death of Lady Frankenstein.”

The Kickstarter campaign will fund the first issue of “Femonsters.”

“Backer” reward levels include physical and digital versions of the “Femonsters,” variant comic book covers, trading cards, autographed cosplay covers by Tanya Tate and more. “Stretch Goal” rewards will include stickers, mini-posters and other exclusive collectibles.

To encourage early pledges, those who commit to the physical or digital levels within the first 48 hours will receive a video thank-you from Tate; those that pledge $50 and above will unlock a special custom video shout-out from Tate

The “Rise of the Femonsters” Kickstarter campaign will run from Aug. 1-31; for more information, visit

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