Amberly Rothfield Releases New Guide for Models, ‘How to Own Your Audience’

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Industry marketing expert and business mentor Amberly Rothfield has released a new, free guide for models and content creators titled “How to Own Your Audience.”

The new release is intended to help models “design a plan to become independent and take control of their career,” explained a rep. “It contains tips to consider when planning how to build a career in the industry and covers the short- as well as medium- and long-term.”

Although the guide is free, donations are welcome.

Last week, OnlyFans announced a pending ban on sexually explicit content, a policy change the company abruptly reversed just days later.

“I hope models plan take their career into their own hands. Platforms can be very useful, but this isn’t the first time a platform has done this, and it won’t be the last,” Rothfield advised.

Click here to order the guide and to make a donation; follow Amberly Rothfield online and on Twitter.

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