Andre Shakti, Ruckus Battle in Evolved Fights’ Newest Match

LAS VEGAS — Andre “The Sidewinder” Shakti makes their Evolved Fights debut battling against “Rampage” Ruckus for the company’s latest update.

“With four wins and two losses, Ruckus has been a fierce opponent in his six matches on Evolved Fights, but Andre could take him down at any moment,” a rep said. “Before watching ‘Andre Shakti vs. Ruckus,’ get a sneak preview of what’s to come and check out ‘Andre and Ruckus Arm Wrestling.’ The one-minute video has them laying on the floor arm wrestling, and you can tell they’re well-matched and anything could happen in their actual wrestling match.”

Evolved Fights’ Ariel X shared her perspective as a referee for the fight.

“Ruckus is a favorite. But Andre really rose to the occasion and gave Ruckus a run for his money. It was a great fight to not only referee but also to watch,” Ariel said. “I know our members will enjoy it and get a kick out of the arm-wrestling sneak peek before it. August is going to be a great month, so be ready for some stellar action in the ring.”

“Andre Shakti vs. Ruckus” can be viewed at

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