Baby Girl Bella Launches OnlyFans Coaching Service

LOS ANGELES — Content creator Baby Girl Bella has launched a one-on-one coaching service to help those interested in building out their OnlyFans business.

With over 80,000 OnlyFans subscribers, Bella has been able to generate “a healthy monthly income,” according to a rep.

“Stories of raking in the big bucks on fan-based social sites have been wildly exaggerated; however, I’ve worked on both ends of the spectrum,” Bella said. “OnlyFans is the most abundant platform I’ve ever used by an insane amount.”

“The good news: OnlyFans raked in more than $2 billion in business this past year, with over 130 million registered users — so there is money to be made,” she continued. “The bad news is you’re competing with 1.25 million other content creators vying for the same dollars that you are. So how are you going to stand out?”

Bella advised creators to be active and consistent with regular posting, engage with fans, use TikTok and other platforms for self-promotion and to be creative with video captions.

She urged performers to develop “grit and perseverance through hard work and to push past obstacles.”

However, she noted, “you must be willing to detach yourself from the outcome and enjoy the ride. We are blessed.”

Baby Girl Bella is offering free 30-day OnlyFans trial subscriptions; follow her on Twitter and find all of her premium social media links here.

Contact her for one-on-one coaching on Telegram or email with the subject line “coaching.”

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