Bellesa Debuts New Reality-Based Series ‘Bellesa Blind Date’

LOS ANGELES — Bellesa has introduced new reality-based series “Bellesa Blind Date,” available exclusively on the Bellesa Plus streaming service from director Jacky St. James.

A rep described “Bellesa Blind Date” as “a concept that takes authenticity and ‘whatever happens on camera happens’ even further. While ‘Bellesa House’ pairs performers who request to work with each other, ‘Blind Date’ does exactly what its name implies — porn blind dates.”

The concept “maintains that same raw, authentic feel that ‘Bellesa House’ captures so seamlessly but flips it on its head,” noted the rep. “When performers arrive on set, they have no idea who they will be working with that day. With the high volume of performer pairing requests received from ‘Bellesa House,’ ‘Blind Date’ is able to cast talent who genuinely want to work together — all without them knowing [ahead of time].”

The performers are “separated by a wall without any clue as to who is sitting on the other side,” the rep continued. “Headphones and voice changers are used to hide their identities while they speak to one another anonymously, sharing their desires and fantasies free of all inhibitions before getting to have sex with their date.”

St. James enthused that she has “never seen this kind of excitement and tension on a porn set.”

“They have zero idea who they’re working with that day. The level of intrigue this brings is unmatched,” she added. “It’s also just an incredibly fun experience for the performers, different from anything else.”

She noted the experience provides a glimpse into an adult performer’s sexual experience when there is no performance.

“We get to see how they navigate ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts,’ and get to know their partner before even seeing who they are,” St James said. “Performers genuinely love working with Bellesa. There’s nothing more inspiring than stripping away all the requirements of standard sex scenes and watching two performers actually connect in the most authentic way.”

CEO and Founder Michelle Shnaidman described how “every single thing” from the studio is “data-driven. And the Bellesa community has made it increasingly clear — they love reality porn. They love authentic, unscripted, real-life sex.”

“Porn that is rooted in reality and shines a light on the performers’ experiences — working with performers that they’re comfortable with, wearing what they want and having sex they genuinely enjoy — is the future of porn, and continues to establish a new frontier for ethics in the industry,” Shnaidman said.

Find “Bellesa Blind Date” here for additional details and follow the company on Twitter.

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