Buck Angel Gets Cover Spotlight in Sexual Health Magazine

LOS ANGELES — Buck Angel gets the cover spotlight in the July issue of Sexual Health Magazine (SHM) with an exclusive interview penned by SHM Editor-in-Chief Ariana Rodriguez.

Angel is a performer, activist, educator, entrepreneur and “an icon that transcends communities,” wrote Rodriguez in her editor’s note.

“The self-described ‘man with a pussy’ embodies self-love and is proof of how powerful it can be,” she says. “In this issue, we’re thrilled to spotlight Buck Angel as he shares details about what it was like growing up and what he’s learned from all of the challenges that he’s faced while pioneering trans male adult films and pleasure products, and spreading his message of self-acceptance through public speaking engagements all around the world.”

The current issue of Sexual Health Magazine also features a roundup of today’s top sex-ed podcasters penned by contributors Colleen Godin and Sunny Megatron. Additional features in the new issue of SHM highlight the sextech innovations heating up intimate play; examine how foreplay and “rethinking goal-oriented sex” can lead to greater heights of pleasure; and explore the difference between being a skilled lover and being sexually experienced.

Fort Troff’s Louis Ceruzzi details how to add toy play to the bedroom; inventor and Nanciland owner Nanci Smith looks at “expanding your orgasm potential by going beyond vibration”; author and tech enthusiast Bobbi Bidochka examines the science behind sex and productivity; and Mississippi-based retailer Tami Rose offers a refresher for those who are dipping back into the post-pandemic social scene.

Elsewhere, Charlotte Lopez of Viben Toys pens “Climax 101” that lists the various types of orgasms — and how to experience them; and Dr. Lee-Anne Francois-Dornbusch explores “Therapeutic Kink.”

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