‘Coral’ Spotlights Diversity, Sexual Wellness With In-App Events

LOS ANGELES — Sexual wellness app Coral will highlight diversity in the sexual wellness space with a series of in-app virtual events during Sexual Health Month, beginning September 6.

“The series will feature voices from diverse communities on under-represented topics regarding sexual wellbeing, including sex during menopause, sex and disability, and trans and gender diversity in sexual wellness discourse,” explained a rep.

CEO and Founder Isharna Walsh described the lack of diversity in the sexual wellness space as “a systemic issue.”

“Coral is here as a resource not only for people to learn about their sexual wellbeing, but also to advocate for it,” continued Walsh. “This means making sure we use our platform to represent the full spectrum of experiences, because we believe that pleasure is for everyone and that sex-positive conversations are the antidote to shame.”

The rep cited a roster of “nationally recognized and licensed sex therapists, researchers and experts who will take part in live events, answer in-app user questions and offer educated guidance. The Sexual Health Month series will also feature authors and public figures, and present first-person stories and guided exercises.”

Scheduled discussion topics include:

  • Tackling Difficult Subjects in Intimate Relationships as a Person of Color” with Natalie Patterson
  • Navigating Sex and Peri/Menopause” with Heather Corinna and Dr. Holly Richmond
  • The Power of Pleasure for Disabled People” with Imani Barbarin
  • Overcoming Dysphoria and a Guide to Sex Toys for Trans Folx” with Buck Angel

“For me, inclusivity means including like-minded people who want to learn and better themselves while feeling safe,” Angel said. “Sex can be an intimidating thing to discuss for men, women and people from marginal communities. Feeling safe is how you learn.”

Coral currently offers freemium subscriptions for limited access and unlimited access for $59 per year.

Visit GetCoral.app and find Coral on Twitter and Instagram.

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