Corey D. Silverstein Guests on ‘Stripped by Sia’ Podcast

Corey D. Silverstein Guests on ‘Stripped by Sia’ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Corey D. Silverstein guested on the latest “Stripped by Sia” podcast, hosted by Steph Sia.  
Silverstein talked about his work as an adult entertainment attorney. He also shared his thoughts on advocating for sex worker rights, decriminalization and other topics.

“Steph Sia is absolutely brilliant and an amazing asset to the adult entertainment industry,” Silverstein said. “Her passion for sex workers is incredible, and she doesn’t just talk the talk. She works non-stop to get the message out about the reality of the sex industry. It was my honor to be part of this amazing podcast.”
Silverstein’s interview can be found on Apple Podcasts and other podcast platforms.

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