Daisy Taylor Is ‘Raunchy on the Rails’ for TransAngels

LOS ANGELES — Daisy Taylor toplines “Raunchy on the Rails” for TransAngels as a mysterious beauty who cruises strangers while traveling by train.

“This time, her compartment buddy, Johnny B, might just provide her with what she needs,” teased a rep.

TransAngels Production Director Ryan Cash noted working with the starlet is “always an amazing experience.”

“She really captures the character written for her and adds her own humor and wit to the script. To date, Daisy is still one of the best in the industry,” he added.

“Raunchy on the Rails” is set to debut Friday on TransAngels.com; follow the studio and Daisy Taylor on Twitter.

In related news, Melanie Brooks and Janelle Fennec star in TransAngels’ recent release “Domme in Dork’s Clothing.”

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