Dame Products Offers New Course on WTU Health & Wellness Channel

PENNSAUKEN, N.J. — Williams Trading Co. and Dame Products have partnered on a new course available through the Williams Trading University (WTU) Sexual Health & Wellness e-learning platform.

The course, titled “Dame: Female Intimate Wellness,” will introduce e-Learners to “the female anatomy, and while some parts are fairly well-known already — for example, the clitoris and labia — other parts might be new to retailers, such as the perineal sponge and the particular glands inside the vagina,” a rep explained.

“Dr. Sunny Rodgers — who has worked closely with WTU and other sponsoring vendors on previous Health & Wellness modules — researched and wrote a course module that will teach retailers how to speak knowledgeably to customers about intimate health and wellness,” continued the rep, “which includes learning the different parts of female anatomy and what each part does and how to activate those parts for the purposes of pleasure.”

The opportunity to work in concert with the team at Dame “provided the inspiration for this amazing educational course,” Rodgers said.

“Being able to share specific examples and applications for female intimate wellness and the pleasure products that assist with personal engagement was an honor for me,” she continued. “This course reflects Dame’s continued support of pleasure options in its many forms, and I know retailers will enjoy learning from it just as much as I enjoyed being a part of its process.”

Rachel M, coordinator for WTU, noted that Dame was a perfect match for the platform.

“When Dr. Sunny came up with the initial outline, Dame’s products really fit each segment so organically that it was serendipitous,” she said. “While these courses are not product-focused like the ones on the original WTU platform, being able to use specific products to highlight the material helps retailers absorb the content, and give them an example that they can later bring to their customers.”

The course includes a downloadable reference sheet and links for additional information. At the end of the course, users will be invited to participate in a short quiz testing their newly acquired knowledge.

Click here for the “Dame: Female Intimate Wellness” course and visit the WTU Sexual Health Channel here. Additional free retail training courses can be found at WTULearn.com.

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