Elevated X Updates System With More Gender Identification Options

LOS ANGELES — Elevated X has announced an update to its website management software that allows models to choose their gender identification.

According to the software company, “terms like ‘male,’ ‘female’ and ‘trans’ no longer encompass all the ways that people want to identify. We came up with the best solution we could think of; never again will anyone have to conform to a term they don’t feel is a perfect fit for them.”

The website software’s administration panel now has a new set of defaults for gender that include “Male,” “Female,” “Trans (Unspecified),” “Trans Male,” “Trans Female,” “Nonbinary” and “Other.”

“‘Other’ is what we’re most proud of,” CEO AJ Hall said. “We added an open text field so whether someone chooses only to be identified by their preferred pronouns, or a gender not covered by the other options, how a person identifies can truly be specific to each model.”

The company is proud to be a leading proponent for acceptance and inclusion in our business and feels “this is an agenda that’s important to push forward,” said a rep.

Upon receiving news of the software update, longtime Elevated X users spoke out in support of the company’s advancement of social awareness and sensitivity

Lucy Hart of Pervout.com, who originally requested the addition of more gender options, said, “This is something that is long overdue. I’m not proud of how long it took my network to make these changes, but I am very proud of Elevated X for putting the time and money into making dev changes so fast when I asked for it just a couple weeks ago. I am hoping that some bigger porn networks follow suit and we make misgendering performers a thing of the past. Now, when we put out scenes, we don’t have to misgender anyone to fit in one of the wrong boxes. That was something that made me sad and needs to stop on all porn sites in my opinion.”

Steven Grooby, CEO and Founder of Grooby, said that “with rapidly changing terminology and many new models identifying other that LGBT, it can become difficult and confusing for some websites when adding new models.”

“Elevated X’s new gender options are very welcome, especially by allowing models to present how they want to be identified in their scenes,” he said. “If websites can present models how they want to be identified, it makes the models happier, the site more authentic and helps educate and widen the knowledge of those viewing.”  

The update was enterprise-wide and was automatically pushed to all Elevated X users; instructions for implementing the new gender system are available in a news update in everyone’s CMS administration panels and on the company’s support site.

Visit ElevatedX.com and follow the company on Twitter.

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