FanCentro Unveils New ‘Stories’ Feature

LOS ANGELES — FanCentro has announced the launch of a new Story feature, allowing adult influencers to share pictures and videos on their model page which only last for 24 hours.

“With our ‘Story’ function, FanCentro becomes even more of a social network,” VP Kat Revenga said. “It’s fun, it’s quick and it has the ability to reach a large audience in a short amount of time.”

And, Revenga added, “unlike on mainstream socials, you don’t risk deletion for NSFW content.”

Influencers have the option of making their Stories “public,” so anyone visiting their page can see them; “for followers only”; or “for subscribers only.” Stories can contain photos or videos up to one minute long and multiple items can be posted to a Story.

Additionally, explained a rep, influencers have the ability to earn tips on every Story they post. Influencers have full control who can see each Story, and can use a mix of public and locked Stories to convert casual visitors into paid subscribers.

“We’ve designed Stories to be major revenue generators for influencers,” said Revenga. “All public stories are safe-for-work, and can be seen widely. But to access NSFW content, you have to subscribe.”

Influencers can access the Stories feature from their FanCentro dashboard.

To learn more about Stories, visit FanCentro’s blog and follow the company on Twitter.

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