GoAskAlex Authors New Essay on Sexuality, Disabilities

LOS ANGELES — Reigning XBIZ “Cam Model of the Year” GoAskAlex, and the first-ever ostomate adult performer, has penned a new essay titled “Adjusting to My Sexual Body with an Ostomy” for the Arousibility blog published by ParlourTalk.com.

The essay “openly details her struggles, adjustments and everyday triumphs as a person with a disability,” noted a rep, and draws from her lived experiences prior to her surgery in 2019, and how her sex life — on- and offscreen — has changed in both positive and negative ways since the addition of her ostomy.

“I can’t say that it is easier now,” Alex said. “The journey hasn’t ended, and I’ve come to realize that it never will. During every sexual encounter I find myself overly-conscious of the way that my body differs from the ‘conventional’ — it’s not something that I forget, but instead must choose to accept each time I am intimate.”

“Ultimately, I have learned that there is no destination, no beginning and end; there is only the continual journey of radical self-acceptance. Some days are harder than others, and at times I feel as though I am treading water,” she observed. “When I feel this way, I try to think of how far I have come since my surgery, and I make an effort to remember that progress is not always linear.”

“To anyone who is struggling with their sexuality amidst a disability or chronic illness, I would say this: it is a journey of ups-and-downs, and as long as you do your best to be kind to yourself in the process, then you are on the right track,” she added. “Showcasing my disability in porn isn’t just a revolutionary act, it’s an empowering act of rebellion that aims to emphasize disabled folks’ lack of representation onscreen and in adult media, and why I choose not to hide my ostomy in my videos. My goal is to normalize bodies like mine in this industry.”

Alex expressed gratitude for the opportunity to share her experience with the ParlourTalk and Arousibility audience.

“The more we interact with people who experience life differently than we do, the better we are able to understand, accept, embrace and include them… and I’m thankful to ParlourTalk for giving me a platform to celebrate diversity in all of its amazing forms,” she said.

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In related news, GoAskAlex recently wrote a first-person essay for Newsweek titled, “I’m a Disabled Sex Worker.”

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