IsMyGirl 2.0 Launches Under New Ownership and Management

LOS ANGELES — IsMyGirl (IMG) has launched its IMG 2.0 version under new ownership and management.

“After a 10-month rebuild of the entire platform, the new owners of IsMyGirl are proud to announce the launch of IMG 2.0,” said a rep.

The product expansion “provides traffic for partner brands and many other important new features,” the rep added.

Head of Digital Marketing Marissa Davis said, “We’re so excited about the launch of IMG 2.0. A lot of work has gone into growing the platform, expanding its reach and providing the sort of reliable forward thinking management that traffic providers expect from a top tier B2C platform.”

Davis added that “now that we have everything in place, we are determined to earn more for traffic partners and content creators than ever before.”

The marketing exec also noted that “star power definitely helps. When Evan [Seinfeld] was running IsMyGirl by himself he put together a strong lineup of content creators and did an amazing job launching the platform. Our focus is growing that audience and maximizing the earning potential of everyone we are working with to provide consumers with the best experience available anywhere online.”

The company is inviting “fans looking for a real alternative to OnlyFans, content creators seeking a platform that puts their interests first and affiliates seeking the maximum revenue from every click.”

Visit the new IsMyGirl and email for more information about the relaunch.

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