Kate Kennedy Guests on ‘A Sex Worker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ Podcast

LOS ANGELES — Kate Kennedy is this week’s guest on Parker Westwood’s new podcast, “A Sex Worker’s Guide To The Galaxy.”

“The program interviews with Earth’s most multi-dimensional beings: sex workers,” a rep observed. “The show takes listeners on a journey into the lives and minds of sex workers from across the industry with one mission — to go where no man has gone before — to imagine a world in which sex workers are not demonized or sensationalized, but humanized.”

“In this episode, the adult film star, standup comic, writer and social media phenom takes us through a day in the life of Kate Kennedy, reveals how she copes with the isolation of her work, her love of standup comedy and how OnlyFans has shifted the sex work industry,” the rep continued, noting the episode was recorded “before OnlyFans banned — and then promptly un-banned — sexually explicit content from its platform.”

“The company has since stated that they made this move due to banks who are threatening to stop processing payments within the sex industry,” the rep said. “Sign onto a letter written by sex workers demanding an end to this kind of banking discrimination at SexWorkSignOn.com.”

Kennedy said she “absolutely loved” guesting on the new podcast.

“We could have kept talking for hours after recording, but during the show we cover everything from a typical day in my life, to the nights out I spend doing standup, along with lots of perspectives on sex work,” the performer said. “I even whip out my super-secret hidden talent of saying the alphabet backwards at the end. Such a fun conversation and a really great podcast, definitely mandatory listening if you want to really get to know me and what my life is like.”

Parker Westwood, the rep explained has been involved in sex work “on-and-off for the last decade in various different aspects of the work. They are one of the founding members of ANSWER Detroit (A Network of Sex Workers to Excite Revolution) a social justice collective of sex workers in Detroit that exists to uphold the right of sex workers to engage in this work for whatever reasons they choose.”

“A Sex Worker’s Guide to the Galaxy” was launched in January this year.

“At the root of the discrimination of sex workers is an ‘othering’ that allows people to see us as unrelatable and subhuman, and therefore undeserving of basic human rights and dignity,” they said.
‘A Sex Worker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ was created in an attempt to allow the world to relate to sex workers as they are — human beings.”

Find Kennedy’s 74-minute interview here and follow the podcast, Parker Westwood and Kate Kennedy on Twitter.

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