‘Kinkyville’ Animated Educational Series Nears Kickstarter Goal

LOS ANGELES — The forthcoming animated educational series “Welcome to Kinkyville” is close to reaching its initial Kickstarter goal to fund the series’ pilot episode.

The campaign, which closes September 9, is currently within $6,000 of an initial $54,000 goal.

“Combining animation with playful humor, ‘Welcome to Kinkyville’ will teach viewers about the fundamental skills and concepts of kink and fetish within a safe, responsible and dynamic learning environment,” a rep explained.

“The series will be geared towards kink culture newcomers,” the rep added, and will be hosted by creator, writer and producer Emily Blake, and co-hosted by ‘Millennial Sexpert’ Javay da Bae, a sex educator and “lifestyle kinkster.”

“A seasoned lineup of additional sexual wellness educators are slated to participate,” among them Andre Shakti, Pup Amp and Mr. Kristofer from “Watts the Safeword” and Cunning Minx and Lusty Guy from “Polyamory Weekly.”

The character design and animation were developed by woman-owned Lucy Animation Studio in Bogota, Colombia and the pilot episode is to be produced and directed by Gabriel Figueroa.

Visit the Kickstarter page for “Welcome to Kinkyville” and follow the project on Twitter and Instagram.

Direct sponsorship inquiries and additional questions to welcometokinkyville@gmail.com.

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