Kira Noir, Bridgette B Celebrate VR Bangers’ ‘Independence Day’

LOS ANGELES — Kira Noir and Bridgette B star in the VR Bangers release “Independence Day: Penetration,” inspired by the mainstream sci-fi adventure films.

The VR fantasy opens as aliens have invaded on the Fourth of July. The government orders everyone to take shelter, leaving Noir and Bridgette B stuck indoors with the viewer. With nothing to do and fearing that they might be exterminated, the women decide to have fun.

“Aliens attacked our planet… so what happens now? It is only you, Kira, and Bridgette,” producer Ivan Harbakon said. “What can you three do? Well, this could be your very last chance for doing stuff that you have never had an occasion to try.”

“Wear your VR goggles and have fun,” he added.

“Independence Day: Penetration” can be found here.

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