Le Wand Announces Debut of ‘Double Vibe’ With Dual Motors

LOS ANGELES — Le Wand has announced the expansion of its Chrome collection of mini-vibes with the Double Vibe featuring vibrating ears which contain powerful twin motors that “hug the clit, nipple, frenulum or any other pleasure zones that you’d like to pinpoint,” noted a rep.

“Tune into ‘sensation in stereo,'” the rep added.

The Double Vibe is available in black, rose gold and “a dazzling limited-edition white and gold.”

“The flexible ears can be angled and squeezed to pinch with precision, as the motors in each ear hug the clitoris or anywhere on the body to provide powerful targeted stimulation,” explained the rep. “Additionally, the Double Vibe also comes with an additional textured sleeve that goes over the toy to enhance sensations against the skin with its soft, ridged surface.”

The Double Vibe can be used to enhance rubbing and grinding sensations during solo or partnered play, the rep noted, while the palm-sized versatile stimulator is easy to grip as it “comfortably fits between the body’s crevices to pinpoint your most sensitive zones.”

The toy’s design “makes it easy to enjoy powerful vibrations with simple intuitive controls that provide superior functionality.”

Included in the package is a USB-rechargeable cord and a micro-suede travel pouch.

“The Double Vibe is a multipurpose pleasure tool that can be used for stimulation all over the body,” Le Wand Founder and CEO Alicia Sinclair-Rosen said. “We’re thrilled to introduce the Double Vibe in three gorgeous colors that any pleasure lover will adore. Our limited-edition Double Vibe comes in a fresh white color with a beautiful gold handle that gives it a touch of elegance that’s perfect for the upcoming holiday season.”

“Fans of Le Wand’s classic black and popular rose gold tones also will want to add this toy to their collections,” she added.

Visit LeWandMassager.com for additional details and follow the company on Instagram.

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