Marica Hase Cosplays as Mai Shiranui in Sparks Entertainment Solo Scene

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Marica Hase anchors a new cosplay release from Sparks Entertainment in the role of Mai Shiranui for a gamer-inspired solo scene titled “Fatal Beauty.”

“Mai Shiranui is one of the most popular and recognized female fighting characters around the world. She was one of the original video gaming characters and pre-dates Chun-Li. She made her debut in 1992, but she’s still just as popular today,” said director and studio founder Harry Sparks.

“Although she could kick any character’s ass and oozes sex appeal, she always kept it classy by carrying her fan with her,” he continued. “Marica was the perfect casting for this character — she did an even more amazing job playing Mai than I ever imagined and brought her own spin to the role.”

The SFW trailer for “Fatal Beauty” is on YouTube, while the NSFW version is available exclusively to subscribers of the Sparks Entertainment OnlyFans profile.

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