Mistress Marley Pens Tutorial ‘Building a Domme Persona’ for afterglow

AUSTIN, Texas — Mistress Marley has written a new tutorial for the female-led sexual health and wellness video platform afterglow titled “Whipping Yourself Into Shape: Building a Domme Persona.”

Mistress Marley, who describes herself as “The Chocolate Domme,” offers afterglow readers insight into what it takes to become a professional Dominatrix, including the development of an overall personality and how to integrate it into the world of BDSM.

“Domme personalities can range from nurturing and encouraging to bratty and spoiled,” Marley said. “Personally, I consider myself a ‘Sadistic Sensualist,’ meaning I will lure you in with my sensuality and femininity, but then I’ll release all of my rage.”

Additional advice centers on putting together a “Domme kit.”

“A lot of novice Dommes think they have to break the bank to have a great kit, but this isn’t the case at all,” Marley explained. “Most basic kits can be purchased on Amazon and come with tools such as floggers, handcuffs, blindfolds and ball gags.”

In order to feel comfortable using these tools, she suggests practicing as much as possible. “You never want to buy anything that’s above your skill or comfort level,” she said. “Try asking a partner or friend who consents to being used for practice.”

The full article can be found at XOafterglow.com.

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