Nalpac Touts Successful Open House, 50th Anniversary Party

FERNDALE, Mich. — Nalpac held its three-day virtual 2021 Open House last week and simultaneously celebrated the company’s 50th anniversary.

Nalpac CEO Steve Craig said, “We’re immensely grateful for our customers’ and vendors’ continued support, and it was wonderful to see how many attended this year’s Open House. It also gave us the opportunity to soft-launch our beta website and gain valuable customer feedback. We’re always striving to improve upon our various platforms and technology to ensure the best user-experience possible.”

The Open House offered a schedule of educational seminars in partnership with Damiana Consulting.

The virtual show platform allowed attendees to partake in such seminar topics as “Maximize Your Product Selection: How To Diversify Without Stocking ‘It All,’” “Increase Your Bottom Line: Boosting Profits And Customer Engagement,” “Adapting In-Store Success To Online Sales” and “What’s Next? Future Forecasting For The Business Of Pleasure.”

COO Andy Craig said, “It’s amazing how quickly another Open House has come and gone, but this year was incredibly unique. We put a lot of consideration into designing the activities, so they were captivating, informative and efficient. Many thanks to our customers, manufacturers, and internal team for making it the success it was.”

To conclude the 2021 Open House, Nalpac threw a virtual 50th anniversary party hosted by Amy Baldwin and April Lampert of the “Shameless Sex” podcast. The virtual soirée included unveiling Nalpac’s new website, “Sex Toy Trivia” with Senior Buyer Don Zerilli from the “Dicks with Don” web series and live performances from Dirty Show, a local erotic art exhibition company.

Baldwin and Lampert, in a joint statement, said that “it was an absolute joy being a part of Nalpac’s 50th anniversary party. While we truly are missing in-person events, Nalpac’s 50th was a perfect example of how virtual platforms have the ability to keep us all connected.”

“There was no shortage of fun, entertainment, camaraderie and playful connection despite the fact that we were all participating from our own homes,” they continued. “Nalpac went above and beyond to curate a fabulous experience for all who attended, and we look forward to many more years of celebrating Nalpac and their wonderful customers — whether in-person or online.” 

Zerilli noted that virtual festivities assured “the safety of all.”

“With that said, I think we were able to give the customers and vendors the best virtual experience. The Nalpac team was able to take the best of the in-person experience and convert it to the virtual world from the seminars, digital vendor booths, Q&As and product demos,” he said. “Let’s not forget the cherry on top, our 50th anniversary party. I think a great week was had by all.”

The educational seminars can be found on the company’s Vimeo channel.

Visit Nalpac’s B2B portal and follow the company on Twitter.

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