Nutaku Announces Casual Puzzle Game ‘Like Heroes’

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the release of free-to-play casual puzzle game “Like Heroes” from the Hungarian game developer Spicy Team.

“You begin as the director of an agency of smoking-hot badass superheroines, each with their own unique story. With match-3 mechanics, you will be able to unlock their full potential to battle with the foes, and take your agency to the top and the best in the world,” a rep explained.

A Spicy Team rep noted their primary goal is to “develop games that we’d like to play ourselves.”

“We wanted to bring our experience to the table, both as game developers and as players, so that our players can feel the emotions that we’ve tried to convey through the game as much as possible,” they continued. “We’ve been following the development of the Nutaku platform for a long time. The enthusiasm of the community definitely tempted us, and we started to develop a project specifically to appeal to Nutaku’s players.”

Key features include over 100 erotic superhero scenes accompanied by an erotic story, more than 25 superheroines and “regular exciting events,” noted the rep.

Click here for additional details about “Like Heroes” and follow Nutaku on Twitter.

In related news, the platform recently released the casual clicker title “Porn Tycoon: The Golden Age”

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