Nutaku Announces Debut of RPG ‘Lusty Odyssey’

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the debut of “Lusty Odyssey” featuring 27 LSSR female characters and over 40 H-scenes.

“The title features an amazing soundtrack and a masterpiece storyline, keeping players immersed in a fantasy kingdom,” a rep explained. “Three travelers — Zoe, Jacques and Achilles — start their adventure in Skyland and team up with the Four Elements to drive the awakened monsters away. There are no dull moments as the game will make you fall in love with your favorites over and over again.”

Key features include unique stories and personalities for each of the LSSR characters; “sizzling hot” hentai sex scenes featuring “Dragonians, Orcs and Elves,” the rep said; over 100 diverse, playable characters to build a team; seven chapters with “the lewdest adventures in a mysterious land”; and five different “engaging gameplay modes for power-ups and different team combinations.”

Click here for additional details about “Lusty Odyssey” and follow Nutaku on Twitter.

In related news, the platform recently launched dating sim “Super Seducer 3” featuring author and dating coach Richard La Ruina

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