Nutaku Introduces Dating Sim ‘Super Seducer 3’

MONTREAL — Nutaku has announced the launch of dating sim “Super Seducer 3” featuring author and dating coach Richard La Ruina and billed as “a hilarious saga” with comedic endings every time an incorrect option is chosen.

“Despite a massive fan following with over 60,000 wishlists on Steam, the title got banned earlier this year by the popular video game platform,” a rep explained. “The release of ‘Super Seducer 3’ echoes how Nutaku works closely with its partners by constantly having meaningful and transparent conversations to bring the best-quality adult games to an ever-increasing player base.”

“Titles with live-action content have been highly embraced by the community, with multiple integrations of well-known adult models in some of the popular titles already in the Nutaku bag,” continued the rep. “The release of ‘Super Seducer 3,’ featuring three popular Twitch streamers — NymN, Kandyland and Zecookiess — is another addition to the collection and definitely promises players a bang for their buck.”

Key features include “dating skills across familiar situations,” such as the supermarket and gym; over 500 possible choices, each with different endings; over 10 hours of total footage, making it among the longest FMV games; and a custom mode to alter the gameplay experience.

“We are happy to have our super-sexy game on Nutaku, giving players a chance to try something new,” La Ruina said. “Real actors and real dating advice should be something unique, and we are excited to see what players on Nutaku think of what we have made.”

“We always tried to find the most beautiful actresses, so we hope that they can match up to the anime girls in other games,” he added.

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