Nutaku Rolls Out JRPG ‘Mahoroba Youjo Kitan’

MONTREAL — Nutaku is rolling out the JRPG “Mahoroba Youjo Kitan,” promising hentai graphics with “the perfect combination of adult gaming and Japanese folklore,” noted a rep.

“Players start as Shojo in the world of Youjo Kitan, as the only human left,” the rep explained. “Along with charming skilled Yokai, players find the strength to fight off all the obstacles in this dangerous endeavor. While the idle game mode makes your Yokai stronger, your beautiful gifts and your charismatic personality will surely entice the shikigami ladies.”

Key features include integration of elements of Japanese mythical folklore, multiple gameplays that include guild functions, an idle game node and Chibi forms of the characters.

Find “Mahoroba Youjo Kitan” online and follow Nutaku on Twitter.

In related news, the platform recently launched “Lusty Odyssey” and dating sim “Super Seducer 3.”

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