Onyx Muse Releases NFTs Through Online Art Gallery

LOS ANGELES — Onyx Muse has announced the release of her NFTs through an online art gallery.

“Starting in late July 2021, she will be releasing exclusive NFTs through Trigonal Gallery, an innovative digital gallery dedicated to supporting working artists in the wake of the pandemic,” said a rep. “This collaboration will result in an initial launch of an exclusive erotic image paired with an additional explicit image — meaning it contains full nudity— both featuring motion graphics.”

There will only be 25 copies available for purchase at $50 each (0.0285005ETH).

Trigonal Gallery founder Jonathan Edward Goodman said, “I have always seen erotica as another art form, and I’m excited to help break barriers in the world of NFTs.”

Muse added that “sex work allows for independence and feeling good about yourself. In the corporate world, the dress code dictates how women should look and behave. Sex work lets you express yourself naturally and that is empowerment. It’s teaching women how to be successful entrepreneurs using their bodies.”

“All knowledge is transferable,” added Muse. “What you learn in this industry, you can transfer to other entrepreneurial ventures,” explaining that NFTs “are a new frontier — no expectation, but total inspiration. NFTs can really be an outlet where girls can differentiate themselves,”

For more information, visit Trigonal Gallery on OpenSea.

For more from Onyx Muse and Trigonal Gallery, follow them on Twitter.

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