Orion Debuts New Lingerie Collection From ‘Abierta Fina’

FLENSBURG, Germany β€” Orion Wholesale has announced the exclusive debut of a new lingerie collection from its Abierta Fina label, designed at Orion’s headquarters.

A rep described the collection as “sensual and elegant with special decorative accessories.”

“The high-quality sensual black material and seductive purple material that have been chosen combine sexiness with comfort. The new collection celebrates femininity in breathtaking transparent material β€” perfect for women who like showing off their sexy curves,” continued the rep. “These new favorite pieces will flatter any lady because the high-class Abierta Fina label has the perfect mixture of sex appeal and femininity. It’s therefore perfect for stylish seduction and provocative sensuality.”

For retail support, the “beautiful and elaborate packaging” includes an additional decorative sleeve made from firm cardboard.

Visit Orion online or email wholesale@orion.de for additional details.

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