to Broadcast Live From Seattle’s SECS Fest

SAN FRANCISCO — Pink and White Productions has announced a partnership with the Seattle Erotica Cinema Society to present the 50th annual SECS Fest, with in-person events scheduled for September 10-12 at the Grand Illusion Cinema in Seattle as well as live online broadcasts on

A rep noted the livestream will take place at the same time as the in-person program, with additional access for a limited time to view festival programs on-demand for a 24-hour period following the festival’s theatrical timeline.

“ presented the SECS Fest online in 2020. Now for the first time, Pink and White will be at the festival to simulcast the event from the theater. Those unable to attend in person can watch the festival online in real-time via’s film festival platform,” the rep explained.

“Pink and White is proud to offer PinkLabel.TV’s virtual broadcasting to adult film festivals, making screenings safe and accessible to a global audience. COVID-19 continues to impact travel and theater events around the world,” noted the rep. “As theaters re-open at partial capacity, the company plans to present ‘hybrid’ screenings by broadcasting in-person events direct from the physical theater to its virtual platform.”

SECS Fest “aims to bring world-class erotic cinema to Seattle audiences with their annual international festival with films showing a diversity of representations: race/ethnicity, sexual orientation, kink and body-type; with a strong sex-positive core that has been the mission of SECS Fest since its inception.”

Nine programs will be screened over the three-day weekend event, with 30 shorts and four feature films from around the globe.

The 50th annual SECS Fest shorts program includes:

  • For Your Pleasure” (90 min.)
    Discover pleasures from new perspectives with films about self-discovery, new life, creative foreplay, bumpin’ beats and a time-travelin’ hole.
  • Caught on Camera” (80 min.)
    Reflections, gaze, projections and physical media all play a part in these films where the lens has a leading role.
  • Nightclubbing” (90 min.)
    Get hypnotized by the music, lights and mysteries that linger in the after-hours. These films will take you through a mind-melding blowjob, a late-night stroll through a city asleep, an all-girl band making more than just music and plenty more visual vices that will rock your Saturday night.
  • Love is a Drug” (90 min.)
    Craving some nature? We’ve got you covered with bodega treats, picnics, sultry seaside encounters, canna-comforts and more. Guaranteed to leave you hungry for more.

The four feature films screening at SECS Fest include:

  • Vivante
    Anoushka (France, 2020) 91 min.
    Following her separation, Lou, a reserved young woman, will rent out a room in her too-large apartment. This leads Lou to meet and begin a passionate relationship with Charlotte, but this new situation is not without drama, loss and growth as Lou and Charlotte face challenges due to Lou’s loss of mobility and her sense of independence after an accident.
  • One Last Time
    Olympe de G. (France, 2020) 72 min,
    Salomé has decided to end her own life. The date has been set, it will be in six months. Until then, what matters most to her is to plan her last time, the last time she’ll make love. She wants to give that moment even more importance than she gave to her first time.
  • Red Lipstick
    Shiva Sanjari (Islamic Republic of Iran, 2019) 40 min.
    Red lipstick is about a hairdresser called Masoumeh who is 36 years old and never got married. Her beauty salon is in a poor neighborhood of Tehran called Shoosh.
  • Chemistry Eases the Pain
    Shine Louise Houston (United States, 2020) 41 min.
    Frankie is set on her college path with a supportive mom and tight-knit circle of queer friends. But the laws of attraction have other plans when she catches feelings for her Chemistry study-partner, Matt. Internalized bi-phobia runs deep, and soon Frankie must confront her ambivalence about her desires and fears of being rejected by her community. Which will she choose: Love or her pride?

Click here for the complete festival lineup and additional details, including ticketing.

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