RealDoll Parent Company Abyss Creations Relocating to Vegas

LAS VEGAS — Abyss Creations, creators of RealDoll sex dolls, has announced the company will relocate from San Marcos, California to Las Vegas next month.

RealDoll earned the 2020 XBIZ Award for “Sex Doll Brand of the Year.”

“The decision to relocate was set in motion by their exponential growth in the e-commerce business, and the overwhelming response to RealDollX, an AI-driven robotic doll system that has been developed over the past several years,” noted a rep. “This led the company to investigate new ways to expand their manufacturing and corporate facilities.”

“Las Vegas was chosen as the destination for its well-known vibrant culture, combined with its unwavering acceptance of companies that operate ‘outside the norm,’ making the city a perfect fit for RealDoll,” the rep added.

Abyss Creations Founder Matt McMullen noted his company doesn’t simply “make toys; we spark experiences.”

“In the end, the massive interest in our line of products and plans for the company’s future, combined with the entertainment and retail aspect of Las Vegas, opens new doors for the business and an opportunity too exciting to pass up,” he added.

The e-commerce aspect of the business will remain unchanged, the rep said.

“We look forward to continuing to serve our loyal customer base with innovative products and concepts that stretch the boundaries of the imagination,” they added.

Visit RealDoll online and follow Abyss Creations on Twitter and Instagram.

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