Reba Rocket of Takedown Piracy Guests on ‘Adult Site Broker Talk’

PATTAYA, Thailand — Reba Rocket of Takedown Piracy is the guest of honor on this week’s episode of “Adult Site Broker Talk,” the business-oriented podcast from

“Reba’s decades of corporate marketing experience, broadcasting and journalism led to her current position as VP of Marketing and Communication for Takedown Piracy, where she helps the company combat piracy, and protect the copyrights of their clients,” said Bruce F, host of “Adult Site Broker Talk” and the CEO of AdultSiteBroker.

“The issue of piracy is a serious one in our industry. Reba has some great information about the issue and how adult companies can fight it,” he added.

The broadcast, hosted by SoundCloud, can be found here.

Visit Takedown Piracy online and on Twitter.

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