Screw TV Offering Free Roku Channels to OnlyFans Models

NEW YORK — Screw TV announced today it is offering free custom-branded Roku channels to established OnlyFans models

“In an effort to further expand our adult content library while remaining unique to growing number of other adult channels on the Roku platform, we are opening the door for OnlyFans models, exclusively, to monetize and distribute their video content across the Screw TV video platform via their own custom-branded adult Roku channels,” a rep explained.

Screw TV will cover all costs of development, branding, content integration, storage and bandwidth, content management and payment processing, at zero up-front cost to the content creator, in exchange for a revenue share on the backend.

The company, the rep continued, “will also provide cross-platform and cross-channel promotion, delivering our existing, growing audience directly to each content creator. It’s Screw TV’s first step in creating our new, full-stack multi-platform video network for adult content.”

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