Sheena Rose Named Nafty’s Latest Ambassador

LAS VEGAS — Sheena Rose has been named Nafty’s newest brand ambassador, creating her own artwork for her NFT drop that available on

Additionally, Rose’s fans will be able to find her photo and social media on Nafty’s “Ambassadors and Creators” page.

“This is so exciting. I’ve been looking for a company to do NFTs with, and Nafty has some of the best ambassadors and programs for adult creators,” said Rose. “I’m already coming up with the artwork for my first drop and can’t wait to show it to my fans.”

Nafty CBDO Jeff Dillon said, “We’re always looking to diversify our brand ambassadors. We have a wide variety of creators and ambassadors working with us. Sheena has been in the industry for awhile and has built a fan base that we haven’t tapped into, being an alt-model and a cam star. We know we’ll be doing some big things with Sheena.

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