Siri Dahl Donates Merch Sales to Sex Worker Aid Orgs

LOS ANGELES — Siri Dahl has announced that 100% of the proceeds from her official “LonelyPlans” merchandise sales are being donated to SWAID Vegas and the Free Speech Coalition’s lobbying fund.

From now until the end of the year, Dahl is raising money through her website to assist sex work professionals through these supportive organizations, and is urging her fans to purchase LonelyPlans gear to help with the cause.

“Last spring, I started selling this cheeky ‘LonelyPlans’ merchandise in my online store, offering a variety of T-shirts and accessories featuring an OnlyFans parody logo design, and my fans and fellow sex workers instantly loved them,” Dahl said. “‘LonelyPlans’ was originally just a silly quarantine joke, but now the pun has come true in a way I didn’t anticipate a year ago.”

In regards to OnlyFans’ recent decision to ban explicit content on its platform beginning October 1, Dahl explained that “in light of this past week’s events, it’s urgent that we help out however we can.”

“I hope to see my fans and fellow industry workers wearing these items with pride, and I look forward to contributing some much-needed funds to mutual aid for sex workers and our industry’s lobbying efforts,” she continued,

Besies purchasing ‘LonelyPlans’ merchandise at, the performer also encouraged directly support to SWAID Vegas and FSC.

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