SkyPrivate Becomes Newest ASACP Corporate Sponsor

LOS ANGELES — ASACP has announced SkyPrivate as its newest Corporate Sponsor.

“Among the industry’s most respected companies,” a rep explained, “ASACP’s sponsors serve as excellent examples of how corporate responsibility, ethical operation and basic proactive measures all help to protect minors and other viewers from accidental exposure to age-restricted materials online.”

According to the company, SkyPrivate “enables its members to engage in live one-on-one Skype calls with their favorite webcam models, regardless of their sexual orientation or fetishes. SkyPrivate is a premium platform that limits its services to registered users of legal age, providing a secure option for adult models seeking to interact with their fans, anytime, anywhere; with flexible payouts and scheduling, encryption of text, and video calls to enhance privacy, and other special features.”

“SkyPrivate unites fans and models, both of which must be of legal age,” said Alex of SkyPrivate. “As a company, we must do our best to ensure that all users of our platform are of legal age — and we rely on ASACP to guide our way in this effort.”

“We’re proud to become Corporate Sponsors of this vital association,” Alex added, “because online child protection is a mission we should all embrace and support.”

ASACP Executive Director Tim Henning said that the nonprofit association relies on the support that it receives from companies such as SkyPrivate that are willing to assume a bold, leadership role in the fight to keep children out of and away from adult-oriented materials.

“ASACP’s sponsors provide the lifeblood that is needed to sustain this long battle,” Henning said. “By supporting the association and its initiatives, our sponsors share in the credit for our long-term success in improving the overall safety of children’s daily digital lives.”

ASACP sponsors such as SkyPrivate fuel the association’s 25-year-long record of success by underwriting free child protection resources, including market-specific Best Practices and a comprehensive Code of Ethics for businesses, app publishers, and all operators of age-restricted websites.

“ASACP is grateful to SkyPrivate for its commitment, generosity, and leadership in helping us to make a positive difference in child protection,” Henning concluded. “We encourage other brands to step up and follow SkyPrivate’s lead in sponsoring our association and our mission to improve online child safety.”

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