SmuttyFy Introduces Smutty Network Tokens

LISBON — has announced the introduction of Smutty Network Tokens.

These are fungible tokens, representing 1/100,000,000 of the total ownership of Smutty Network,” explained a rep. “As a base, only 30% of those tokens are for sale. The remaining 70% are reserve tokens.”

The Smutty Network Tokens are available on

SmuttyFy CEO Mike Pinto said, “To allow the users to be part of the growth and ownership of the network is something that really makes us proud. As a launch campaign, we are selling the first 25,000 tokens on a 90% discount for early birds. Everyone can buy them for as low as ETH 0.01.”

In the upcoming weeks, Smuttyfy will launch a campaign using their tokens to promote engagement on the social network and reward its affiliate webmasters.

For more information visit and follow the platform on Twitter.

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