Sparks Entertainment Releases ‘Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman’ Teaser

HOLLYWOOD, Calif. — Alex Coal and Val Dodds cosplay in the upcoming Sparks Entertainment release “Supergirl vs. Wonder Woman.”

Director Harry Sparks centers Dodds as Supergirl and Coal as Wonder Woman in “an intricate plot that ends in the sexiest way possible for two superheroes that you’ve fantasized about all your life,” teased a rep.

“Val and Alex were both incredible in their iconic roles, and their chemistry was out of this world. It’s the match-up everyone has been waiting for, and it’s less than a week away from making its debut,” Sparks said. “To build the excitement, I decided to release a teaser. So make sure to join the site, if you haven’t already, and be ready for of our most anticipated scenes ever.”

The SFW trailer can be viewed for free on YouTube; the full scene will be released online here.

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