Sportsheets Launches Vimeo Channel for Product Demos

CERRITOS, Calif. —Sportsheets has established a Vimeo channel to host product demo videos.

Retailers now have another option “when it comes to sharing demo videos,” a rep explained. “Videos are a great way to train sales staff and educate customers.”

A total of 120 product videos currently populate the channel with plans to add more as they become available. Retailers can add the videos to their websites, social media channels or have them playing on a screen in-store.

“We just wanted to offer our e-commerce customers a more user-friendly video experience for their websites,” Sales Manager Julia Harney said. “Streaming video on product pages can generate a substantial increase in sales, and we want our customers to have all the resources necessary to profit from that.”

Find the new Sportsheets Vimeo channel here.

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