Tenga Launches Reusable ‘Tenga Bobble’ Line

TOKYO — Tenga has launched its latest series of reusable sex toys, Tenga Bobble.

The new strokers feature a dual-intensity weld-insert molding, allowing for two different firmnesses of the company’s branded elastomer material.

The series features two styles, the Tenga Bobble Crazy Cubes and the Tenga Bobble Magic Marbles.

“The novel engineering of the Tenga Bobble materials“provides contrasting stimulation molded seamlessly into one item,” said a rep. “This is unlike existing multi-material items that layer the differing strengths, where only one material is in direct contact with the user.”

Tenga Bobble products are reusable, washable and include a case that also acts as a drying stand.

For more information, visit Tenga.

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