TGirlsHookup Debuts New Series ‘Depraved Tgirls’

TGirlsHookup Debuts New Series ‘Depraved Tgirls’

LOS ANGELES — Raven Thorne stars in the first episode of the new series “Depraved Tgirls,” from producer/director Kelly Quell, on Grooby paysite

“The new series will showcase a much broader variety of kinks and fetishes than is typically seen in mainstream trans porn,” said a rep. “Scenes are expected to feature a variety of themes such as large anal toys, fisting, medical fetishes, sounding, rosebud pumping, latex inflatables, femdom sissification themed content, and much more.”

In early 2021, Quell partnered with Grooby to launch TGirlsHookup. The site showcases story-driven scenes centered around a fictional hookup app.

“When we launched TGirlsHookup, I wanted to approach solo scenes in a different way by incorporating them into a steamy fantasy story,” said Quell. “We were able to have great success with the ‘Slut Fantasies’ series, however I found that story-based solos tended to limit the types of things creatively we could do. I wanted to introduce a second solo series that could just get right to the point. Launching the ‘Depraved Tgirls’ series will allow us to have much more creative freedom to showcase the various extreme kinks and interests these models have.”

The first episode is streaming on TGirlsHookup.

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