Velvet Thruster Partners With Product Influencer ‘Super Smash Cache’

LOS ANGELES — Velvet Thruster is celebrating the release of its new G-spot thrusting dildo Nanci, designed by product influencer and sex toy reviewer Cy Smash (aka Super Smash Cache).

Smash teamed up with Velvet Thruster co-founders Danyell and Alex Fima, when they — along with SheVibe reps — recently hosted a number of sexual wellness professionals, top product reviewers and adult pleasure influencers.

“We asked if they would give us guidance on the product revisions and gave them a chance to design and shape a dildo design for our Thruster relaunch — now known as our ‘Prime Series’ product family,” said a rep.

When launched initially, the Velvet Thruster products were static and did not allow toy shape changes or the addition of accessories. “We came away from the meeting knowing that was a top criterion for our relaunch for our original thrusting dildo products,” the rep added.

Danyell Fima said, “We really appreciate the valuable opinions from our sexual wellness influencer community because they represent a broad, diverse consumer base and give us straightforward guidance about what users want in their thrusting sex tech products.

Alex Fima added that “all of the industry participants that attended our ANME/XBIZ party gave us great feedback and comments which we used to guide the updated designs in our newly launched Velvet Thruster products. It was amazing how interested the crew was in the mechanical engineering portion of the design.”

The rep said the company “aspires to implement many more influencers’ and sex toy experts’ design advice for the Velvet Thruster brand.”

“It helps us see outside the box and certainly brings us educational diversity, which we would otherwise lack from our product development process,” they added. “This fall, we plan to enter more direct engagements with sexual wellness professionals to develop more products.”

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For more details about the Nanci, click here.

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