Vina Sky Stars in ‘One Night Stand’ Fantasy for VR Bangers

LOS ANGELES — Vina Sky stars in the latest fantasy from VR Bangers, titled “One Night Stand,” as a woman who has just gotten out of a long-term relationship and wants to hook up with as many guys as possible.

The VR storyline places the viewer into the role of someone who just matched with her on a dating app.

“Vina just likes to have fun, and she will prove that to you on behalf of her latest VR movie,” producer Ivan Harbakon said. “Inside of ‘One Night Stand’ – our latest VR porn release – we have turned an extremely popular fantasy into something that could happen to every single one of us — and we boosted it up with the presence of Vina.”

“I think that we did great, and I can’t wait for our viewers to let us know how they like this date with our hot, petite star,” he added.

“One Night Stand” can be viewed here.

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