Webmaster Central Launches New ‘Netflix-Style’ 4K Player

TAMPA BAY, Fla. — Webmaster Central has announced a new 4K feed player based on “the Netflix user interface.”

The new player, a rep explained, “utilizes HTML5 and Bootstrap which makes it unbelievably easy to use for mobile users. It is built on a new GUI (Graphic User Interface) that is the most state-of-the-art system most online users have ever seen. The system is updated automatically every week, so Webmaster Central partners do not have to worry about keeping their members converting month after month.”

“The 4K content provided can be used as an XML gateway or as a simple white label,” the rep added. “The content is lighting fast everywhere in the world and graphic artists will place your sites logo and your choice of background colors is done free of charge.”

The 4K theater can be used as an addition to a current site, or to build a stand-alone site.

AA, CEO of Webmaster Central said, “We absolutely guarantee this new theater will get an amazing reaction from your members and pay for itself every single month. Buying 4K content can run $300 per scene; we start you with 100-plus scenes with four added monthly.” 

For more information, email sales@webmastercentral.com.

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