Woodhull, EFF Issue Call to Action Against Apple iPhone Surveillance

SAN FRANCISCO — Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) is organizing an action to convince Apple to reconsider forcing onto all its products a new surveillance technology, supposedly in the name of “child service,” which will scan users’ photos and messages.

The Woodhull Freedom Foundation — the national organization dedicated to affirm and protect sexual freedom as a fundamental human right — issued today a call to action (CTA) via Twitter, encouraging supporters to join the EFF’s campaign.

“Proud to be a supporter of this effort to stop Apple from continuing down this path to a lack of privacy that will haunt us for years to come,” the Woodhull account tweeted. “Won’t you add your signature?”

EFF’s CTA explains that “Apple has abandoned its once-famous commitment to security and privacy. The next version of iOS will contain software that scans users’ photos and messages. Under pressure from U.S. law enforcement, Apple has put a backdoor into their encryption system.”

The digital rights group is urging supporters to “sign our petition and tell Apple to stop its plan to scan our phones.” 

“Users need to speak up say this violation of our privacy is wrong,” the EFF added.

To sign the petition, visit the EFF CTA site.

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