X10 Fans Launches New Model Management, Escrow Systems

LOS ANGELES — X10 Revenue has announced new features for their X10 Fans Platform, including a revamped content upload and management system for models, and the addition of a custom content escrow system allowing users to request customized photo or video content from models.

The X10 Fans platform, a rep said, is “a multi-site enterprise fans, cams, VOD and membership CMS, based on 15 years of combined development and over 22 years of adult biz expertise and deployment.”

X10 Revenue CEO Josie said, “We have taken the feedback from thousands of models, webmasters and studios and recreated our content upload management system for models.”

“Mobile is everything,” Josie continued. “Allowing models to upload content in the background while navigating to other parts of their dashboard is a great add-on, but the key new features we are most proud of are the automatic detection of video resolutions, aspect ratios and orientation, and the automatic trimming and trailer creation of videos. Also we have added automatic watermarking to photo and video content.”

The X10 Revenue CEO added that “every page of the model and user dashboard have been painstakingly re-worked and optimized to be intuitive for use and functionality specifically for mobile or tablets.”

“Our custom content escrow system allows users to send a request of their specific desires for photo or video content directly to a model. The model can decide to accept the content request and set a price. Once the user agrees and pays that price, the content is uploaded by the model and the model’s account is credited accordingly,” they concluded.

For more information, visit X10Fans.com.

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