xxxNifty to Relaunch NFT Marketplace Platform

LOS ANGELES — xxxNifty has announced a relaunch of its website early this month and has restated its primary mission.

The company released a mission statement noting they are “dedicated to always be there for sex workers, in light of the recent turmoil in the adult industry,” such as credit card policy changes scheduled to be implemented in October.

A rep said noted xxxNifty is committed to being “an inclusive platform that is for sex workers, by sex workers. They have equity partners and employees that are long-time veterans of the adult industry and consult with them on a regular basis on how their platform can serve them better. In addition, xxxNifty is actively looking for input from creators on what features and functions they would like on their upcoming crypto based site where they can sell their content.”

xxxNifty’s Dan Leal said, “We are dedicated to serving all those in the adult industry and the marketplace is powered by our own cryptocurrency.”

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